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Montréal autochtone

Native Montreal

Presented at the World Design Summit, 2017.

The drawing imagines a scenario where the forms of native architecture coexist harmoniously and on an equal footing with the architecture of the Montreal’s colonial cultures. The architecture gives a voice to the native population of Montreal to speak of its values and of its culture and links the generations of the past with those of the future.


The imagined housing development is a new reinterpretation of traditional forms, and embodies timeless values of community that cares for the earth which sustains us.

Opportunities exist for the indigenous community to be at the forefront of the discussion on sustainable development and to show the way for other cultures to follow. Some of the simple ideas of the indigenous traditional dwellings, such as the rounded forms that minimize the negative impacts of solar gain, the use of stack ventilation through the double height common spaces and roof opening and the design of the envelope that adjusts to the environment, are ideas that have been rediscovered in contemporary architecture.

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