Interior concept for a cafe

Proposal for Cafe Cannoli, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, 2018.

Approached by a passionate developer who wanted to design the perfect space for his long dreamed about cannoli shop and who spoke about focusing on one thing in order to do it well - the architectural response has been to embrace this ethos of singular dedication.  The focus of the project is the materiality of the interior shell and its sensorial link to the art of pastry.

One material and one constructive system shape the space.

The flexibility of the wood, which bends with the heat, and its warm color reinforce the enveloping qualities of the space. The honesty of the shell’s construction, which separates from its support structure speaks of the simplicity of decoration - richness is achieved from variation on a theme.  The functional and decorative aspects of each curve compliment each other.  Where the surfaces separate, they let the light shine through to fill the space.